ELSA DATIS-9 is fully automated Digital Automatic Terminal Information Services system. This system has been developed for operation of both ATIS and VOLMET (routine broadcast of  meteorological information). It is a benefit for the airport operational staff who will be relieved of the cumbersome burden of re-recording the broadcast every 30 minutes and can pay even more attention to air traffic handling.

This system automatically decodes data from external sources and translates it into a high quality voice broadcast, typically without any human intervention. The data such as runway conditions or meteorological data (METAR, TAF SIGMET, METREP). Data required for broadcast, but not available from external data sources, can be entered into the system via a user-friendly graphical user interface terminal.

We provide both Conventional (Voice) and Modern/CNS-ATM (Data).This system equipped with ACARS Interface, as a standard requirement for Digital ATIS System (Part of Flight Information Service). 

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* Operating system: UNIX, 32-bit
* User interface: Windows, graphical
* Security protection: Passwords for multiple users and levels.
* Data inputs: via LAN, serial communication or keyboard entry.
* Server mount: 19“ rack mounted.
* Remote terminals: Multiple, rack mounted or stand alone. Workstation for manual data entry,    recording and monitoring.
* Monitoring system: Message under preparation and messages being transmitted.
* Voice technology: Pre-recorded human voice, computer synthesized, user recordings or any       combination.
* Voice coding: 64 Kbit/s PCM, 8 bit [300 - 3400 Hz].
* Services: Any mixture of ATIS and / or VOLMET (national and international).
* Audio Output level: 0 dBm (adjustable), 600 ohm.
* Digital ATIS Interface: ACARS ATS Protocol. AEEC- 620, 622, 623, Arrival, Departure, Auto    Update, Terminate Auto Update,    Auto Enroute Information Service.
* Voice Redundancy: Automatic Voice Change Over Module
* Data Redundancy: Automatic Data Change Over Module
* Data Interconnection: AMSC protocol comply to Annex 10 vol 2, METAR, SPECI, QAM

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