elsa master clockELSA Slave Clock is the timing system that can be synchronized with GPS time and have many variants to the size of the display systems. ELSA Slave Clock can operate on its own and also synchronized using a Master Clock ES-185A. If the Slave Clock is receive the UTC time from Master Clock, the lock indicator will light on. And the timing will always be updated. If the communication between Master and Slave clock is constrained, the Slave Clock will continuing the time with internal RTC (Real Time Clock) even if the power is down (of course the display digits will die, but the system clock is still run).

 Some variations are held together with display sizes available are :

  • ES-102B with 7 segmets display size: 2.3"
  • ES-105B with 7 segments display size: 5"
  • ELSA RTC PC Sync is a slave clock software that installed on your PC/computer with Windows OS

ELSA Slave Clock has undergone several revisions to get better performance, such as for lighting protection system, the ease of setting timing and also daisy chain system. With the daisy chain system, the use of data cable can be more efficient. This can happen because the wires are NOT required to always come from the Line Amplifier LA-101, but can also be obtained from the nearest Slave Clock by means of pair data cable to the RS485 port is available next to them. Here's the picture of this system:

On the old version:

Without Daisy Chain system

on the new version (with daisy chain system):

with daisy chain system

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